Courseware Synopsis

Digital Content Factory’s (DCF’s) MS Office courseware is designed primarily as one day sessions, although some courses are half day, or two day, as required based on relevant topics and content complexity. We offer courseware in MS Office 2010, 2007, and more. Courseware is used by training facilitators to deliver instructor led training with hands-on exercises. Our course design has evolved over 20 years and has been used by millions of students.

covers of the word 2010 level 1, level 2, and level 3 courseware

Our MS Office courseware is created by content designers who understand the needs of today’s business professionals – and what they need to effectively use software applications. Our curriculum is focused on three key objectives: Increase productivity, ensure content is relevant, and develop user independence.

To accommodate these objectives, courseware is created based on three main elements and written in a way that promotes user independence, which allows learners to become confident using software applications. In general, the three key design elements are:

  • Concepts – the content adult learners need to understand in order to apply a particular feature in their work.
  • Procedures – the steps required to perform specific tasks. They are used during learning session, as well as reference after sessions.
  • Exercises – the practical application of the concepts and procedures. They enable learners to apply new knowledge to specific tasks involved in building the course model, which promotes the user independence methodology.

See our Courseware Benefits and Design page for more details.

DCF offers both printed products for purchase and electronic files by licenses for deployment on your intranet, and/or as an internal customization solution.

DCF offers samples to qualified purchasers and decision makers.

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Review our quick reference guide product synopsis to learn about our long-standing history of quick reference guide design and development.