Design & Benefits

Digital Content Factory’s enterprise courseware has many benefits due to a proven design methodology. Coupled with various services offered, DCF can help companies to save money and effectively manage their operations. The three main design elements used to develop DCF courseware are:

  • Concepts - the content adult learners need to understand, in order to apply a particular feature in their work. In the example below, the concept of “Moving, Copying, and Replacing Text” is reviewed.
  • Procedures - the steps required to perform specific tasks. They are used during learning session, as well as reference after sessions. In the example below, the steps used to cut and copy text are outlined.
  • Exercises – the practical application of the concepts and procedures. They enable students to apply new knowledge to specific tasks involved in building the course model, which promotes the user independence methodology. In the example below, students will practice cutting and copying text.

Our consistent design, and learning elements, combined with our services result in the following benefits:

  • Cost Effective
    Our material is designed to the highest standards, yet the unit cost per book is low, enabling training providers to minimize their costs, and deliver cost-effective solutions.
  • Flexible Customization Options
    Courses can be customized to meet the needs of specific student groups, maximizing the relevance and ensuring that each course delivers the greatest possible impact.
  • Convenient
    You can order courseware when needed, eliminating the need for maintaining an inventory. Courseware can be printed at our facility, at your local printer, or even on your laser printer.

DCF offers both printed products for purchase and electronic files by licenses for deployment on your intranet, and/or as an internal customization solution.

DCF offers samples to qualified purchasers and decision makers.

Review our courseware catalogue to purchase products.

Review our quick reference guide product synopsis to learn about our long-standing history of quick reference guide design and development.