Product Offering

Digital Content Factory Ltd. has a wide range of standard courseware, spanning multiple software versions, and languages. If you require a title that is not available, we can develop, translate and deliver it for national or global rollout.


Standard Titles and Languagescovers of english and french word 2010 level 1 courseware

We have many standard titles spanning many software versions, such as Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Windows (XP/Vista/7), Internet Explorer, and Lotus Notes, to name a few.

In addition, we also have specialty titles that allow you to focus on specific aspects of software, such as “migration” features, or the “new features” of application software, which are ideal for enterprise rollouts.

Many standard products are available in both official Canadian languages (English and French).

Visit our Courseware Catalogue to see a complete list of available titles.






Delivery capabilitycovers of spanish and german word 2010 level 1 courseware

If you have a need for a courseware title that is currently not available, we can deliver it to you… regardless of language!

With a minimal commitment, we can provide new titles within 6 to 8 weeks (for most projects).

This offering is ideal for multilingual/global companies who desire content parity across languages.

We have successfully created products in the following languages:

English German Danish
French Italian Dutch
Spanish Portuguese Swedish

DCF offers both printed products for purchase and electronic files by licenses for deployment on your intranet, and/or as an internal customization solution.

DCF offers samples to qualified purchasers and decision makers.

Review our courseware catalogue to purchase products.

Review our quick reference guide product synopsis to learn about our long-standing history of quick reference guide design and development.