Design & Benefits

Digital Content Factory’s cards are designed using a consistent design, consistent learning elements, and a consistent structure across all titles regardless of language. Key features are:

  • Rich use of graphics and illustrations– help users to clearly understand what they will see onscreen, without having to read lengthy instructional text.
  • Featured Objectives – allow users to determine and locate the topics covered in the guide.
  • Grouped-Procedural Tasks – allows users to logically find what they need. Step-by-step procedures provide users with what they need, when they need to do it.
  • Content Tables – effective identify a variety of tools or methods used to accomplish tasks.
  • More Advanced Material – helps users to progress to more advanced topics, if using the guide as a learning aide.


Our consistent design and learning elements result in the following benefits:

  • Increase Productivity
    Individuals can become more independent in solving typical software challenges with a DCF guide. Productivity improves and retention increases as students find their own solutions.
  • Reduced Support Costs
    The cost for a single help desk call averages between $10 and $17. The cost of peer-to-peer support is often hidden. By reducing the reliance on a help desk and peer-to-peer support, organizations can improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Improved ROI on technology rollouts
    An investment in guides is small when compared to the cost of a technology rollout. The use of guides can significantly improve the return on your technology investments by lowering training and support costs.

Digital Content Factory (DCF) has various products and services specially designed to accommodate transitions from previous Microsoft Office suites.

Digital Content Factory Ltd. (DCF) has several unique transition products, as well as standard products, specially designed to help ease and speed your organization’s transition to Microsoft Office 2010.

DCF offers both printed products for purchase and electronic files by licenses for deployment on your intranet, and/or as an internal customization solution.

DCF offers samples to qualified purchasers and decision makers.

Review our quick reference guide catalogue to purchase products.

Review our courseware product synopsis to learn about our long-standing history of courseware design and development.