Digital Content Factory Ltd. can customize guides to meet your needs, or we can use our instructional design expertise, tools, and processes to create a guide that pertains to your proprietary software and/or processes.


Standard guide customization – Option 1

  • Replace the default logo with your company’s logo on the first page.
  • Insert your company’s name in the document footer to associate the guide with your company.
  • Insert your company’s help desk details on the last page.

The cost is $250 per guide (onetime), plus the cost of the guide and shipping on resulting print orders.


Standard guide customization – Option 2

In addition to option 1, customize the topic coverage and detailed content within a card. Options include:

  • Inserting new custom topics and/or modifying existing topics to accommodate company specific tasks or environment specific configurations.
  • Removing specific topics not required by your users.

Limits to the number of edits are applicable.

The cost is $400. per guide (onetime), plus the cost of the guide and shipping on resulting print orders. Limits to the number of edits are applicable. Cost subject to change without notice.


Custom corporate guide – Option 3

  • Custom page layout and branding to maintain corporate identity.
  • Custom content development and instructional design to accommodate company specific tasks, environment specific configuration, and/or processes.
  • Graphically illustrate tasks and/or processes.

Such a product is developed using the process below:

  1. Analyze the corporate needs of the customer.
  2. Document requirements, recommendations, and project scope to create a project plan.
  3. Initiate the project (after customer approval) and ensure aspects and details relating to the project plan are in order.
  4. Develop product as per the project plan, which includes milestone and quality assurance checks to ensure the project is on track.
  5. Final submission and approval of the project.

Digital Content Factory (DCF) has various products and services specially designed to accommodate transitions from previous Microsoft Office suites.

Digital Content Factory Ltd. (DCF) has several unique transition products, as well as standard products, specially designed to help ease and speed your organization’s transition to Microsoft Office 2010.

DCF offers both printed products for purchase and electronic files by licenses for deployment on your intranet, and/or as an internal customization solution.

DCF offers samples to qualified purchasers and decision makers.

Review our quick reference guide catalogue to purchase products.

Review our courseware product synopsis to learn about our long-standing history of courseware design and development.